Vanessa Lachey Baby Planned for the Future "God Willing"

Vanessa Lachey is happy to have son Camden, but recently said that she and husband Nick would "love" to have another child in the future.

"Of course! Yes, God willing, it will be at the right time," Vanessa told Us Weekly. "Right now we're happy with where we're at. We're happy with having him, but in the future, we'd love to add to our family."

The 9-month-old boy is busy growing and experimenting, much to the delight of his parents.

"He started crawling!" Vanessa bragged. "He's gotten four teeth and a full head of hair. My favorite time with him is probably feeding him at dinner. Breakfast and lunch I try to keep him kind of clean because he's got the whole day ahead of him. But by dinner, I know that right after he's going into a bath, so I let him go at it and the food is everywhere. It's on his face. It's on his feet. It's in his chair. It's literally everywhere! He's just – he's a boy, a typical boy."

Even though Nick is busy recording for his next album and promoting his current CD of lullabies, he still makes plenty of time for his family.

"The laundry we split. For dinner, I cook and he cleans up. It's a great system," Vanessa explained. "But then when I was pregnant, we were ordering out a little more than normal and he still would clean up and then he'd be like, 'Wait a minute, how is this working?' Because I wasn't cooking. It was a joke between us."

Lachey addressed the issue of her weight gain, and loss, in an interview with the Huffington Post but encouraged other mothers to not stress.

"I gained I think it was 65 pounds when I was pregnant. Don't stress about losing it," Vanessa said. "It will happen when it happens. Cam's 9 months, so it's been a minute and we're working and we're traveling and it's just about maintaining a happy, healthy lifestyle. Not obsessing about it."