Vanity Wonder, Butt Injection Expert, Warns of Illegal Procedure: 'Somebody Will Die'

Vanity Wonder, a butt injection expert after her $15,000 worth of surgery, is exposing the dangerous practices of black market cosmetics. The Virginia mother of two's tale is a cautionary one, though, as she feels "somebody is going to die" if the truth isn't told about the illegal procedures available.

Vanity Wonder's butt injection addiction led her to have a ridiculously proportioned body— her 32-23-45 figure belies years of surgery, and she even functioned as an assistant to an illegal butt injector herself. Her book, "Shot Girls," is intended to warn others, as she used both known and unknown substances in her body.

"I'm just so thankful that I'm here in one piece, and that I'm able to tell people to stop on this path, because somebody's going to die," she told Daily Mail.

She says that the reason illegal butt injections have become so popular recently— she had to "search" hard to find her source when she started in 2006— is tough to pin down. Some women lack self-esteem, but others just do it because others do.

"It's not what people think," she said. "There's no common reason … some girls get it done only because everyone else is. There's a lot of reasons."

The price for standard, legal injections can cost around $14,000 though, which has pushed the market for illegal cosmetic procedures onto the streets. Many women risk infections and death for a bigger butt.

"People are taking advantage of it," said the 30-year-old. "But instead of paying $14,000 for the doctor, somebody on the street has created a way for women to get a butt at a cheaper price point. … Now anyone on the corner will inject you with whatever they buy at the Kwik-E-Mart or at the gas station."

Vanity was a victim of this herself. When she first got black market injections, the woman told her it was soybean oil, but her bottom was "stiff and hard." After getting silicone, though, it became "very movable."

Because Vanity seemed to escape any lasting damage to her body, she revealed that many women still ask her for access to the dangerous procedures.

"That's the reason why women are dying. They are so thirsty for these … Then people want to exploit this and that's where the problems come in."

What the casual onlooker wouldn't know, however, is that Vanity was nearly arrested for her illegal activities. The thought of her sons becoming motherless is the reason she stopped and warns others now.