Vera Wang $500 to Try On? Chinese Women Get Only 90 Minutes With Dress

Women looking to purchase a Vera Wang wedding dress in China will have to be decisive when it comes to picking the perfect gown, unless they want to pay a $500 fee.

Vera Wang is considered one of the leading wedding gown designers. But customers looking to purchase a gown from Wang's store in China will have to pay $500 just to try the dress on.

The new practice has become controversial for many women in China, who are outraged by the extraordinary fee. The extra cash doesn't guarantee a leisurely shopping trip either. Despite having to pay just to try a gown on, customers who shell out the extra money are also limited to just 90 minutes in the dressing room.

Brides hoping to have a second opinion are also out of luck, because pictures in the store are not allowed. The new policy was reported by The Global Times, which noted that Vera Wang store in China is the only boutique to adopt such a policy.

But high fees do not appear to have deterred too many brides. Women have still been advised to make an appointment to try on gowns weeks in advance. For those brides who actually find a gown, the fee is deducted from the total of the gown. Those brides who don't find a dress, however, will lose the money.

The restrictions in China may have something to do with copyright infringement, according to The Times. The report referenced a "public company statement" released by Vera Wang stating that the policy was introduced in China to "protect the copyright of the designer."

The typical starting price for a gown made by the designer is usually upwards of $10,000. Brides are allowed to view the dresses in an online gallery. An app is also available for download.