Vergara Surrogate Baby: Sofia Asks Close Friend to Carry Nick Loeb Child?

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(PHOTO:Twitter/Sofia Vergara )Sofia Vergara celebrates 40th birthday in Mexico with Mark Loeb

Sofia Vergara has reportedly chosen a close friend to be a gestational surrogate for her and fiancé, Nick Loeb, it has been claimed.

The 40-year-old "Modern Family" star has a son from her previous marriage and she is reportedly hoping to become a mother again with the surrogate process said to be in its early stages, according to the New York Post.

"The child will be biologically Sofia and Nick's baby, and she has selected a surrogate — who is a very close girlfriend — to carry the baby," a source told the NY Post.

"A procedure has taken place, and Sofia and Nick will find out in a few weeks if it was successful, if the surrogate is pregnant, and if they will become parents," the source continued.

Doctors will reportedly fertilize Vergara's egg with Leob's sperm before freezing the embryo and implanting it inside their gestational carrier. The identity of the surrogate has not yet been revealed.

The couple, who has dated on-and-off for years, announced their engagement in 2012 although they are yet to set a date. Vergara has reportedly long hoped for a sibling for her 21-year-old don Manolo, and the couple has ultimately decided on using a gestational surrogate.

"A baby is something they've both wanted for a while, particularly Nick, who has been pushing for it," the source said. "He is a little uneasy that the surrogate is Sofia's close friend, but is very excited about becoming a father."

In 2000 the single mom was diagnosed with Thyroid cancer, however she was able to make a full recovery.