Vergara Surrogate Baby? Sofia Vergara Baby Rumors Claim Oscars Flu Story Was False (VIDEO)

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(Photo: Twitter/Sofia Vergara)Sofia Vergara missed the 2013 Oscar Awards due to illness.

Sofia Vergara surrogate baby rumors are circulating, with many claiming that the star was recently seen visiting the hospital with a surrogate.

According to the latest baby rumors surrounding Vergara, two weeks ago when she disappointed fans by dropping out of attending the Oscars, she was not actually sick with the flu as she had claimed.

Instead, the rumors state, she was spotted attending a hospital with the person thought to be her surrogate, and that she had only made up the flu story to hide the truth that she is expecting a baby through a surrogate, according to The Huffington Post.

Vergara already has a 20 year old son, but it is believed that the 40 year old, and fiance, Nick Loeb, 37, want to have a child of their own.

One report from the National Enquirer even claims that Loeb does not want Vergara to give birth herself as it would ruin her figure and career. However, neither Vergara or Loeb have confirmed any such claims.

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(PHOTO:Twitter/Sofia Vergara )Sofia Vergara celebrates 40th birthday in Mexico with Mark Loeb

That same National Enquirer report also claims that Vergara has chosen one of her own "healthiest and closest friends" to be the surrogate for her. Again at the present time the couple has neither confirmed or denied the rumors.

The rumors continue that a few days before Vergara was expected to attend the Oscars, her surrogate developed some pains, with alarmed all three of them. Vergara and Loeb allegedly rushed her to the hospital, where the panic was confirmed as a false alarm. The baby and surrogate mother were both fine, the report claims.

Sofia Vergara's reps have so far decided not to offer any statement on the claims, and so for the moment they remain just rumors.

Here is a video news report on the incident when Sofia Vergara missed the Oscars claiming she had the flu: