Verizon Threatens to Cut Workers’ Health Benefits by Aug. 31

Verizon on Wednesday announced that the 45,000 workers on strike would have their health insurance cut by Aug. 31 if they don’t end the strike by then.

The protest, which began Aug. 7, has had workers from Maine all the way to Washington D.C. picketing over health benefits, pensions, and work rules.

The strike was announced after representatives from two labor unions, Communications Workers of America (CWA) and International Brotherhood of Electrical Workers (IBEW), failed to reach an agreement with Verizon.

Although Verizon might cut off workers’ health care benefits due to the strike, CWA assured that it had over $400 million in saved funds that it could use to help pay for members’ medical treatments during the strike if indeed Verizon halts coverage.

"Verizon is trying to scare workers," said Candice Johnson communications director of CWA.

"We will never have an economic recovery if profitable companies like Verizon can demand huge concessions from workers. You don't build a middle class by cutting workers' wages, benefits and standard of living. That's just one reason why Verizon is becoming synonymous with VeryGreedy," said Johnson in a statement posted on CWA's website.

CP could not reach Verizon to comment on Johnson's statement by press time.