'Vikings' Season 6 News: Production Now in Full Swing; BTS Photos, Videos Hint at Who Survives Upcoming Installment

Facebook/VikingsPromo image for 'Vikings' season 5

Cast members have been sharing photos and videos on their social media pages confirming that they have started filming for "Vikings" season 6, and it somehow gives fans some clues on who will survive its upcoming installment.

Notably, the production of "Vikings" season 6 is happening even before its fifth cycle premieres next month. Series creator Michael Hirst confirmed the show will have a sixth installment last September.

Days after Hirst's season 6 confirmation, several cast members also announced on their social media pages that they were coming back to film. Since more TV series -- "Vikings" included -- have become less wary in killing off key characters and fan favorites as they progress, those social media updates mean a lot to the show's followers.

Several cast members of the show confirmed that they will be coming back for the sixth season, which somehow gives away hope to fans that they will not die in the upcoming cycle.

In the recent weeks, some of them shared several photos or videos online while they were filming on location, including Katheryn Winnick and Alex Høgh Andersen.

Winnick, who plays Lagertha -- Ragnar's (Travis Fimmel) first wife who eventually became the Earl of Hedeby -- shared a video last week on her Instagram page. In the post, a laughing Winnick can be heard in the background while she filmed some members of the crew who covered themselves in cloth while lying on a boat which the actors were boarding.

This then hinted that Lagertha, also known as Earl Ingstad, is bound to go on a naval journey to a still unknown location.


Work hard, play hard. @historyvikings

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On the other hand, Andersen also shared a video apparently while filming. Though the background of the clip suggests he is in a hotel room, the Danish actor is wearing a full costume. His attendance in the season 6 production could also be taken as a hint that his character, Ivar the Boneless, will survive the upcoming installment.

"Vikings" season 5 will premiere on Nov. 29 with 20 episodes and is expected to conclude in 2018.