Viral Video of Church Choir Warning Christians To Keep Personal Matters Off Facebook Stirs Controversy

(Photo: Screen Grab via YouTube/jimmy smagger)A church choir sings 'Keep Your Business Off Of Facebook'.

A viral video of a church choir giving a spirited warning to Christians about Facebook in a song billed 'Keep Your Business Off Of Facebook' has sparked a controversial debate on whether the song is glorifying to God.

The just under two-minute video of the choir's performance posted to YouTube last month and had been viewed nearly 35,000 times on Friday warns against indiscretion in using Facebook.

"Well you need to keep your business off of Facebook. You need to keep your business off of facebook," the choir riffed in the video. The male soloist then belts out in part, "the things that you say, your neighbor's gonna find out about them anyway, you need to keep your business off of Facebook."

In another verse he sings "Sunday you actin' like a saint - but your Facebook status say you ain't. Keep your business off of Facebook."

The audience in earshot of the song is the urged "to tell your neighbor, tell your friends, tell everybody you know, keep your business off of Facebook," to claps and shouts of praise.

While some viewers of the video saw both humor and wisdom in the song, others wondered whether or not it was appropriate for the church.

"I would hope this would not be a church function! The church should [be] concentrating on the Word of God! Personal opinions and personal opinions have infiltrated the church....although good advice, there is a time and a place for everything!" wrote one critic of the video under the screen name Allie da Great in the YouTube comments section.

"Good message, but would rather hear some worship music during 'praise and worship'. I guess if it's a part of the sermon, it could go but that's a waste of valuable worship and learning time," wrote another commenter Scarlett Artist.

But many others didn't see it that way and shot back sharply at negative commenters on the video.

"The people who are so offended by this are the ones all on Facebook telling people about their relationship problems, and family problems, etc. The man ain't told nothing but the truth!!!" wrote one commenter via the user name Preacha Tim.

"People really irritate me knocking everything just because THEY don't feel like it gives God glory. You never know how this song may have awakened someone's conscience and helped save someone from getting on social media ruining their Christian character," he noted. "Let us not forget that we serve a God that specializes in meeting us right where we are. How you think you got saved? He met you right where YOU were!"

In his comments, Dustin George noted that the advice dished out by the choir is well in line with biblical principles.

"Some have said this is not a true "praise and worship" song. While true, it does clearly illustrate biblical principles in a practical way. Ex. Prov. 22:1," said George.

"I often remind youth that something posted on social media in anger, disappointment or the emotion of the moment in order to vent, entertain, attempt to gain sympathy, a sense of worth or to boost pride often leads to a damaged witness or a wounded reputation," he added. "We must be real and authentic, but we must be real with real people in real interactions, not just flickers on a screen."

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