Vodka Saves Puppy After Nurse Reveals Stash in Car (VIDEO)

A nurse who had a stash of Vodka in her car saved the life of a mischievous puppy in Australia.

Cleo, an American Staffordshire, weighs only 6.6 pounds. Last week, the dog found herself in a mischievous position. While in a garage, the dog decided to lick radiator fluid off of some spare car parts that had been lying around. Ethylene glycol is a common ingredient found in both radiator fluid and anti-freeze; it is also a lethal poison to pets.

When ethylene glycol poisoning occurs, animals begin to have a reaction that is similar to kidney failure. When owner Stacey Zammit, 27, rushed Cleo to the vet, she was told that the puppy was close to renal failure.

"It was only a [6.6-pound] dog, so it doesn't take much of the anti-freeze for it to become poisoned," veterinarian Scott Hall from Animal Accident and Emergency Point Cook told "The owners were straight on top of the money. They realized straight away that things weren't right and came straight to us."

Alcohol is an ingredient known to stop chemical reactions from occurring and while rubbing alcohol is typically used in such circumstances, in Cleo's case, no rubbing alcohol was to be found. One of the nurses at the vet, however, did have a stash of vodka in her car according to reports. The dog was fed more than a third of the bottle via a tube through her nose that led straight to her stomach, a CNN report confirmed.

"If we put it in human terms, for me it would be the equivalent of having seven or eight shots every four hours," veterinarian Matt Pascall told CNN.

Now the dog is back in good health and Zammit is grateful that her puppy, a Christmas present, had been given a second chance to live.