Voice Teacher Uses Strip Trick to Get Teen to Join Music-Sex Study

A Tacoma Community College music professor is being investigated by police in Washington for allegedly tricking a teenage student to strip for “academic purposes.”

Kevin Gausepohl, who is a music professor at Tacoma, allegedly convinced a teenage student that she could hit lower octaves without her clothes on.

He went on to explain that he was an expert in the matter and that he was conducting a study on the connection between music and sexual arousal.

Reports have said that Gausepohl, 37, is being charged with various counts of communicating immorally with a minor and one count of obstructing law enforcement authorities.

The teenage girl in question was reportedly part of a program allowing high school students to enroll in college courses.

A number of other students have since come forward to explain that they too have been approached by the music professor to take part in his music-sex “study.”

Following the charges being brought against him, Gausepohl has resigned from his position at Tacoma Community College, although he has denied all the allegations being made against him.