Volunteers Needed for Magdala Dig

Participating as a volunteer in an archaeological digs generally comes with a nice price tag. But here's a deal that's really worth looking at. Magdala, the home of a 1st century synagague. This incredible archaeological site where several months ago the oldest known engraving of a seven branch menorah from the 1st temple period was discovered, is situated on the western shore of the Sea of Galilee just south of Ginosar, will soon be hosting its own on site dig and is looking for volunteers. And get this - its free. Read on.

According to the magdala dig blog - The dig will finance accommodations (meals and transportation) for volunteers for up to one month, if you wish to stay more, a special price will be made. The accommodations will be in Tiberias, a town 5km /3 mi from Migdal. According to our discussions with Father John Solana, director of the Pontifical Institute of Jerusalem, the entity that owns the project (which is being developed as a 120 plus rooms Christian guesthouse and multi media center, known as Magdala Center) -accommodations are being made for dig volunteers to reside in the center of town, within a home owned by the Melkite Greek Catholic Church. . The Insitute has rented the home and is now refurbishing the quarter to include guest rooms which will come equipped with air conditioning, internet and a couple of small kitchenettes.

Approximately 3 hectares of land are being excavated at Migdala and Marcella Zapata, is the Mexican archaeologist who is directing the program. Anáhuac México South University, located in Mexco, obtained the excavation license from the Israel Antiquities Authority (IAA) which is providing local oversight. Thedig is being done in cooperation with the Archaeological Investigation Institute of the National Autonomous University of Mexico and it represents the first project in which Mexico will be directing in the field of Biblical Archaeology in Israel.

Dig participants must be 18 years old and should be able to stay for at least one month. The dig is expected to be open for volunteers from July 2010 through the end of 2013, excepting Easter and Christmas holidays.

For more information on the dig - http://magdalaisrael.wordpress.com/author/magdalaisrael/;