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VP Mike Pence: Spend more time in prayer than online

VP Mike Pence: Spend more time in prayer than online

Vice President Pence addresses the Alliance Defending Freedom fireside chat on August 6, 2019. | Photo: Screengrab/Facebook Live

Vice President Mike Pence is urging people to spend more time on their knees in prayer than they do online, particularly when faced with challenges. 

Speaking at Alliance Defending Freedom's fireside chat Tuesday, the vice president addressed the controversy that surrounded his wife, second lady Karen Pence, earlier this year when it became known that she was returning to teaching art part-time at a Christian school in northern Virginia where she previously taught when he was a Congressman.

Immanuel Christian School in Annandale, Virginia requires adherence to a statement of faith belief that includes the historic Christian teaching on marriage and sexual ethics. Faculty must maintain "a lifestyle based on biblical standards of moral conduct." Much of the secular media reported this as yet another example of the Pence's supposed disdain for LGBT persons.

Meanwhile, the Pence's had no idea it would be considered newsworthy.

"We honestly didn't see that one coming. Our kids went to this school," Pence told the crowd Tuesday during a sit-down exchange with ADF President Michael Farris, referencing a television commentator who said Pence should have assumed that his wife teaching at a Christian school would be controversial.

He offered, when asked how he deals with critics: "Number one is spend more time on your knees than on the internet."

"As a Christian believer, we're charged to pray for our loved ones, but also pray for our enemies. You have lots of opportunities in politics to do that," he said, receiving chuckles from the crowd.

"Forgiveness is a great gift."

The ADF event highlighted religious liberty and sanctity of human life issues.

As he has said many times since taking office, Pence explained that the greatest honor of his life was to serve alongside a president who "stands without apology" for the unborn, and praised the work of his administration and Congressional allies to pass and institute various pro-life policies.

The vice president concluded his remarks recounting how the greatest day of his life was the day in 1978 when he received Christ, and his gratitude for the United States.

"His grace has sustained me, my wife, my family and does every day," the vice president said.

"Make time for renewing your mind," he added.

While the country is facing several challenges, "I never lose sight of how blessed we are to be Americans," he said.

"There is nowhere like America. We're always striving for a more perfect union."

"I really do believe that He who planted this miracle of democracy on these wilderness shores centuries ago, He's blessed America throughout our history and has blessed the world. And He will still bless America in the days ahead."


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