Walking Dead Finale: 'As God is My Witness, I'll Never Let Hungry Zombies Eat Me Again!'

Those fans who gave up on "Walking Dead" due to its lack of zombie action may be disappointed to find out that the season finale turned out to be a do not miss.

While the number of viewers watching "Walking Dead" has only increased, its mid-season premiere got a record 8.1 million viewers beating its last record, its plot of late has seemed to dwindle. The shift in marked intensity and overall interest was at first unexpected, when the first pilot aired back in 2010. "The tense pilot was so judicious in its use of everything -- visuals, dialogue, music, zombie ultraviolence -- that an overstuffed, sludgy version of "The Walking Dead" didn't seem possible then," Maureen Ryan of the Huffington Post commented.

However sometimes even the impossible is possible, and for the past few episodes viewers may have been disappointed by the lack of fire fueling the latest episodes of "Walking Dead."

For some, the disappointment has been slightly more long lasting. "At its worst -- as it was for much of the first half of the second season -- it showcased a bunch of bland, uninteresting people repeatedly making dumb decisions and yammering until you wanted somebody to munch their limbs, just to shut them up," Ryan commented.

If past episodes had been disappointing, Sunday's season finale was not. According to Washington Post's Jen Chaney, the finale had everything from George Romero to "Gone With the Wind."

"There were car chases, zombies, tons of zombie killings and a beloved Georgia barn going up in flames. (Tara! Tara is burning! As God is my witness, I'll never let hungry zombies eat me again!)," Chaney commented.

"It does feel like the finale was the true continuation from the first episode of this season. Everything that happened in between was a polarizing detour," NiklasG, a Huffington Post user wrote on the blog.

"Finally, tons of zombie to restart the end of the season two. Most of the second season was pretty ho-hum. It was good to see some characters chopped. It keeps the show interesting and changes the dynamics between them," the user Rabbit818 added.

Despite the promising finale however, the question of whether the show still had longevity remained questionable. "I'll be perfectly honest, even though the second half of this season showed signs of improvement, unless the finale was really satisfying, I was ready to write "The Walking Dead" off," Ryan wrote.

"The finale did a good job of reeling me back in -- I'm pleased to say how much I enjoyed it -- but we're not out of the woods yet, so to speak."