Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 13 Live Stream Free: Watch 'Alone' Online (AMC TV Start Time, Trailer Preview Video)

Walking Dead Season 4, Episode 13 will air on Sunday on the AMC network, and should see the tense storyline from this season make some big and dramatic strides. Tonight's episode is titled "Alone" and can be watched on TV on the AMC network at 9 p.m. ET, and can be watched online through free live stream (details below).

(PHOTO: AMC)The Walking Dead Season 4 Poster.

Tonight's episode is likely to feature a storyline focusing on Maggie, Sasha and Bob.

Sasha and Maggie are looking for their loves, and Glenn is also looking for Maggie – so if there's any reunions in tonight's episode it will likely feature Glenn and Maggie.

Tyrese and Sasha could reunite on the road to the mysterious sanctuary at the heart of rail yards. But it is unlikely we will see Maggie, Sasha and Bob catch up with Tyrese and Carol on the road to the Sanctuary.

The sneak peek for tonight's episode has revealed that an update will be given on Daryl and Beth. Last week's episode saw an intense encounter with those two – some info was revealed about Daryl's past, and had many wondering about his future.

The trailer and sneak peek for this week's episode revealed clearly that things will not be easy for anyone following the governor's failed prison raid, which scattered the group.

Now everyone has splintered off into smaller groups and no one knows where to go for safety and shelter. Of course, people have been scattered before, and later managed to find one another again. But series creator Robert has already indicated in interviews that the second half of this season will focus more on individual stories and small groups rather than the whole group all together – meaning a mass group reunion might not happen for a long time yet – if at all.

He said, "There's no set formula. The format of every episode is going to be very different so you never really know what kind of episode you're going to get. It's somewhat experimental, but it's going to be a cool way to dive deep into who these characters are and what's going on with them."

He added, "There will be episodes that focus exclusively on one group or a set of individuals; there will be episodes that check in on multiple groups by varying degrees; and there will be episodes that check in on everybody. It's going to be a good mix of different kinds of storytelling."

Walking Dead Season 4 Episode 13 "Alone" can be watched on TV on AMC at 9 p.m. ET, and can be watched online through free live stream by clicking here.

The "Alone" episode trailer video can be seen below: