Walking Dead Season 4 Premiere Live Stream: Watch Online Episode 1 '30 Days Without An Accident' on AMC

The Walking Dead Season 4 Premiere will take place on Sunday night on AMC with fans desperate to see what happens in the new season opener. Season 4 Episode 1 is titled "30 Days Without An Accident" and will start on AMC at 9 p.m. ET and can be watched online through live stream (details below).

(PHOTO: AMC)The Walking Dead Season 4 Poster.

AMC has teased fans about the hit series' season opener, releasing the following description: "The group lives an ideal life at the prison, and strives to hold onto humanity."

The premiere episode's title suggests to viewers that there has been a period of relative calm for the survivors, but also eerily hints that their quiet time is about to come to an abrupt end.

Various spoilers released over the summer have indicated that some kind of new threat will rise up against the group, and most rumors suggest it won't be human or zombie.

"It's someone we haven't seen before. Someone unusual; you can't stab them in the face, you can't reason with it. It's a force that would be dangerous in this world and in the world of 'The Walking Dead,' it's terrifying," described new showrunner Scott Gimple.

Gimple told Hollywood Reporter: "I'm excited to tell stories in the book that I love. We're catching up to some of those. We're taking the greatest hits approach of all the things I loved that we've done and grabbing from all the different seasons and working it up."

He added, "There are a lot of characters that are dead on the show that aren't dead in the books. There are a lot of characters on the show that aren't in the book. It's a remixing of a lot of elements from the book in different context; different characters a lot of the time but taking the emotional thrust of those elements and putting them all in a different rhythm."

Gimple continued: "People will see stuff from the comics and they'll know exactly where it came from but it'll be in a different context - it has to be. You'll also see stories that are totally outside of the comic that have never been seen before. But the basis for those stories are totally from the spirit of the stories told in the comics."

Tonight's "The Walking Dead" Season 4 Episode 1 can be watched online following the AMC showing on the network's website through live stream by clicking here.