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'Walking Dead' Season 6 – new location and other spoilers.

'Walking Dead' Season 6 – new location and other spoilers.

There are just too many good news associated with "Walking Dead" Season 6.

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First of all, "Walking Dead" showrunner Scott Gimple is back to steer the show to greater heights. The TWD heads, Gimple and Greg Nicotero confirmed some details that fans have been speculating for too long. Yes, the Wolves are coming. And with them, a huge number of Walkers. That is going to set a record. Morgan's story that was left hanging will see a confirmation and possibly a closure to pave the way forward.

First, the Wolves. The Wolves - originally the Scavengers in the comic world - will be out in full force and images of Benedict Samuel, who debuted much earlier and up to now is still unnamed but is most certainly from the Wolves' pack, was seen on the internet. This confirms that the Wolves are going to be an integral part of Season 6. Scott Gimple revealed that the Wolves have a "code" and a "process" to be followed by the pack. So there will be mind games between them and Rick's group.

Next to be cleared is Morgan's story. Morgan appeared in an episode in Season 3 where he killed zombies right, left and centre in a grief-filled rage. Now, his character has taken a 360-degree turn. Why and how Morgan became what he is will be explained this season.

Gimple also said that episode 9 - the show's midseason premiere airing in February - will be another milestone. Be prepared to face thousands of Walkers. This has been confirmed as more Walkers were seen present during the coverage of the shoot.

Many fans had also been speculating that Rick shot an already dead Reg to stop him from becoming a walker. But it has been confirmed by Scott Gimple that Rick did indeed shoot Pete.

In midseason 5, the story moved to Alexandria and it was thought that Season 6 would focus on the happenings in Alexandria. But spoiler images of a new location that looks like the Hilltop Colony have surfaced. The comic book storyline has Rick and the group learning about other communities and most probably this new community might have Paul Monroe, nicknamed "Jesus", who is part of a large farming community called Hilltop Colony.

With all these new things thrown in, fans have marked October 11 in their diary.


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