Walt Disney World Anniversary Today, EPCOT Turns 30

Monday has arrived with the 30th anniversary of the opening Walt Disney World's Epcot theme park near Orlando, Fla.

The iconic Spaceship Earth of the Epcot and the entire park itself was built as a dedication to celebrating human achievement- specifically, international culture and technological innovation.

EPCOT is an acronym for Experimental Prototype Community of Tomorrow. Originally called the EPCOT Center, the park opened on October 1, 1982. Its name was changed to simply Epcot in 1994.

The dream, idea, and place evolved out of the concepts and interests of Walt Disney. Funding and permission to build the Epcot was not granted until Disney agreed to build the Magic Kingdom first, and Disney died before the either project was completed.

Last year, over 10.83 million people visited Epcot, making it the third most-visited theme park in the U.S., and the sixth most-visited in the world.

With over 3,500 employees at work on average each day at Epcot, the park features rides, shows, and attractions while incorporating a strong emphasis on culture, tradition, and education.

On the special 30th anniversary, those visiting the Walt Disney Resort on Oct. 1 are in for a treat. In honor of the milestone, the park has lined up presentations and performances on Monday. Special merchandise will also be available for sale such as t-shirts, hats and other 30th anniversary items.

Monday saw many Twitter users posting about Epcot's 30th anniversary as well as their plans to celebrate the milestone.

"Happy Birthday to Epcot and Magic Kingdom today," posted Attraction Magazine. "We'll be heading to the Epcot soon to help celebrate their 30th."

WDWCelebrations wrote, "We officially mark the 30th Anniversary of Epcot today! It is time to celebrate the magic of the past, present & future together again!"

"Thirty years ago this calendar day, my favorite childhood theme park opened its doors," wrote Matthias. "That theme park was EPCOT Center. #EPCOT30"

"It's EPCOT's 30th birthday," Twitter user Meghan posted. "Wishing I was there to celebrate but I'll be patient and celebrate with my family in just 2.5 months."