Want The Abundant Life?

Many of us are in search of the abundant life the Bible promises us (John 10:10) specifically in the area of our finances. Yet, our present realities seem a far cry from this. And when you add the current economic climate to the equation, things can start to look daunting.

However, let's remind ourselves of some basic biblical facts. I believe it is Gods desire for us to prosper in all areas of our lives and the Bible is littered with many scriptures to support this. And since we know that Gods Word holds true and it never changes, I believe we need examine ourselves to decipher where we may fall short.

From my experience, I believe a number of our issues stem from incorrect mindsets and behaviours. So, here are some common areas that keep us from attaining what is rightfully ours:

Focusing On The Present Situation
I often hear many blame a slow economy, high interest rates, and other external factors to justify their predicaments. However, my question is "since when did taking possession of our promises depend on the physical, earthly factors?" If you cast your mind back to the times of the bible, God often demonstrated His power in times that often confounded the human mind (e.g. the miracles in the desert, making provision in times of famine, etc). So, I ask again, "what has your present situation got to do with Gods ability to meet your financial needs?" As Christians, we need to remember that the God we serve is not limited to our economic climate. Too often, we fail to see beyond the Red Sea because our focus is on the Egyptians pursuing us. However, when we begin to shift our focus, we can start to align ourselves with God plans and His capabilities to part the Red Seas of our lives.

Self-defeating Attitudes, Beliefs And Behaviours
Another common culprit that hinders us from fully experiencing Gods abundance is adopting self-defeating attitudes, beliefs, and habits towards money. Some believe Christians ought to be poor and/or not strive to prosper. Some believe in spending without caution or planning for the future. And so on. But the truth is that many of these (if not all) are not biblically sound or are based on their misunderstanding of scripture. And if you continue to embrace such notions, living the abundant life may elude you. Therefore, it pays to be aware of your attitudes and beliefs towards money (good or bad) as it has a direct impact on the actions you take.

Limitations Of The Mind
Thinking too small and/or embracing a 'poverty mentality' are other challenges Christians face. Individuals bound by either of these tend to be blinded to new opportunities and/or may not take advantage of them when they come their way e.g. changing jobs, promotion opportunities, starting a business, buying a property, etc. These individuals fail to see themselves moving beyond their present situation owing to the restraints placed on their minds. You may hear them claiming to "wait on God". Meanwhile, God is actually waiting for them to become aware of the provisions He has already made through the numerous opportunities He brings their way. And so, they settle in the wilderness rather than take possession of their Promised Land.

Lack Of Faith
Though the Bible is jam packed with promises, principles, and stories, many fail to believe that the same God still exists today. Moreover, they don't believe He still has the ability supply their daily needs. And as a result, they fail to experience Gods provision.

Living In Fear
Sadly, a number of us who profess to have faith are also bound by fear. The problem with fear is that it paralyses us from taking action even when a God-ordained opportunity presents itself. Thankfully, the Bible tells us that we have not been given a spirit of fear but of power, love and a sound mind (2 Timothy 1:7, NKJ). For this reason, we have to rise above it. Please note that fear will always come but you have to overcome it in your mind, as this is where most of your battles take place. So, step out of the boat and dare to walk on water (metaphorically!). After all, you have nothing to loose but much to gain (e.g. a new experience/opportunity and a chance to see God move).

In closing, I encourage to reflect on the above. Are there attitudes, beliefs and behaviours you need to address? If so, ask God to help you renew your mind and align it to His Word. Ask Him to make you wiser so you start to make smarter decisions. To help you along, why not spend time meditating on scriptures that relate to Gods provision and blessings?