War Dead Buried in Landfill? US Air Force Mortuary at Center of Burial Scandal (VIDEO)

A scandal has hit a United States military mortuary, which acts as the main point of entry for U.S. war dead. It has been found that the mortuary has been burying the remains of soldiers in a landfill, investigators have established.

 U.S. Air Force Mortuary Buried Remains of War Dead in a Landfill?

It has been unveiled that the Dover Air Force Mortuary implemented the practice of burying some returning U.S war dead in a landfill in Virginia. Reportedly, this has been standard operation for many years.

The mortuary is said to have burned the body parts of some soldiers and disposed the ashes in the landfill, which apparently is a procedure that has since ended in favor of burial at sea.

The method of burial came to light due to investigations by the Air Force and other federal offices, which looked into the treatment of war dead at the mortuary.

The Air Force found that, “While it is likely that disposition of remains was by an appropriate method, it could not be shown that it was in accordance with the families' directions.”

Accordingly, the investigation also determined that, “Each family received remains of their service member for interment; the staff, however, was not able to ensure additional portions of remains were handled in a manner consistent with the families' instructions.”

Still, Norton Schwartz, the Air Force chief of staff, issued a statement concerning the conduct of the burials.

"The investigation concluded that the mission was always conducted with reverence, dignity, honor and respect for all served through the facility."