Warrant out for Arrest of Homeless Teen Caught Eating Lunch on High School Campus

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(Photo: Facebook/Logan Santos)Logan Santos, 17.

Police in Carolina Forest, S.C., are searching for a homeless teenager wanted for disturbing the Carolina Forest High School by eating lunch on school property.

According to a WCSC report, parents reported the teenager on Aug. 29 to the Horry County Police Department as someone who shouldn't be on the campus.

Police later discovered that it was former student, Logan Santos, 17, who friends say was living out of his friend's car, a student who attends the school.

The report explained that Santos stayed in the car while his friend went to class, then later had lunch with the friend and walked around on the campus during the lunch period.

School officials didn't go into detail in discussing the case, but according to Principal Gaye Driggers: "If someone is here, that we are not aware should be, that could create a problem. They could be places they're not supposed to be."

The student who let Santos stay in his car was suspended for the incident.

A subsequent KLTV report said Santos reached out to the station through Facebook saying his friends were looking out for him now, as his family explained that he was the one who chose to be homeless.

"I'm more hurt that people are looking at us like we're just throwing him out on the street. That's not the case at all," said Alfred Souza, Santos' stepfather.

"We've given him a beautiful house to live in. He chooses not to live here. He took off a week ago Wednesday and we haven't seen him since," Souza added, while explaining that he had tried disciplining his stepson by taking the door off of the teen's bedroom the day he left.

"I have rules in my house, just like any other parent," he added. "So many times, we've asked him to join the family, join the family. He doesn't want any part of the family."

Santos assured KLTV that he isn't a bad person, but was now worried about the trouble he got himself into by eating lunch at school.

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Homeless Teen Charged With Eating Lunch On School Grounds
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