Washington Redskins Jabar Gaffney Tells Fan to 'Kill Urself' on Twitter

Football player Jabar Gaffney has been the subject of some controversy after he told a man to "kill urself" on Twitter.

The Washington Redskins wide receiver received a Twitter message from a mid 20s man from Richmond, VA on Sunday. In the message he was making fun of Gaffney and the Redskins because of their lack of good play and their loss to the Dallas Cowboys.

The 25 year-old man, user @bam1121, starting the Twitter beef posted, "lmao 3-9" to Gaffney.

Gaffney responded with: "we 3-7 u dumb (expletive)."

He then went on a rant posting three times consecutively, "3-7 ain't a record to be proud of I'm just proud I ain't you get a life or kill ursel."

"f* Dallas. Yall got lucky today and u know it. Good win tho we gonna get out (expletive) together," and sensing he was in trouble tried to do some damage control, "I don't want the man to really kill himself it was just a way of saying ******* and leave me alone to all u lames keep up or don't follow."

Yahoo reports Gaffney deleted most of his Tweets Sunday night, but many sites were still able to screen cap what he wrote to provide evidence.

Recently New York Jets coach Rex Ryan paid a hefty fine of $75,000 for cursing out a fan at a game, and it's expected Gaffney will receive one too.