Washington Redskins NFL Trade Rumors: Kirk Cousins Wants the Team to Commit to Him 'Fully for the Long Haul'

(Photo: Reuters/Bill Streicher-USA TODAY Sports)Washington Redskins quarterback Kirk Cousins (8) passes against the Philadelphia Eagles during the first quarter at Lincoln Financial Field, Dec. 26, 2015.

This is the one trade rumor that just never goes away.

According to Sporting News' Eric Galko, a potential trade between the Washington Redskins and the San Francisco 49ers involving Kirk Cousins is not "dead yet."

Well, the quarterback's latest statements haven't helped matters either. In an interview with the MMQB's Peter King, Cousins was asked if he wanted to stay in Washington and he gave a roundabout answer that could be interpreted in different ways.

"I want to be where I'm wanted, and that's what I've said all along. When a team is willing to step up and commit to me fully for the long haul, then why would I want to be anywhere else?" Cousins said, according to the Washington Post.

Okay, so does this mean he's thinking of leaving if the Redskins don't give him the contract he wants? They may have placed the franchise tag on Cousins for the second year in a row, but what he wants is some job security.

The two sides have failed to agree on a long-term deal several times already in the past couple of years. Will this time be any different? The Redskins have to tread carefully here if they want to see Cousins play for them beyond this season.

At least he went on to talk about the Redskins' wonderful fan base and rich history. That should divert some attention away from what he initially said.

The Redskins have been reluctant to give him what he wants, but Cousins said he's fine with that and he'll just play on and prove the doubters wrong.

"I think I play better when people say 'keep showing us what you've got, keep showing us.' And whatever's going to get me to play at a high level is what I want to do. So I'm okay with it, and we're just gonna keep going year by year," Cousins said, via the Washington Post.