'Watch Dogs 2' Title Update Brings PC-Specific Improvements

Several new items also added to 'Watch Dogs 2' courtesy of latest title update
Watch Dogs 2 official websiteA new title update is now available to download for 'Watch Dogs 2'

A new title update was released not too long ago for "Watch Dogs 2," and those who play the open world game on the PC can receive some additional fixes and improvements from it.

Developers listed the PC-specific features of the title update in a post on the game's official website.

To start, an issue that could lead to the game not starting up in Steam when the "Launch the game as soon as it's ready" option was selected has been addressed.

Another issue that could pop up while playing the game on a laptop has also been fixed via the latest update.

Players should also see that the fog now looks better inside the game even while the rain is falling.

Numerous other smaller issues that affected different game elements such as the user interface and even reflections have also been eliminated by the update.

The latest title update for "Watch Dogs 2" is notable not just for the specific fixes it applies to the PC version of the game, but also because it introduces several significant additions.

With the title update installed, players will be able to try out the new online mode known as Showd0wn that itself divides into smaller objectives designed to provide different types of challenges.

Online multiplayer races involving drones, eKarts and motorcycles have been made accessible as well, and these can serve as ideal additions for players who want to compete with their friends in new ways.

Armored trucks will also be popping up inside the game, ready to offer rewards to players who can hack them.

Players will also have new articles of clothing they can get to change their looks, and there is also a paintball gun now included that will allow for some messy and disruptive battles with friends.

More news about other additions that may be coming to "Watch Dogs 2" should be made available in the near future.