Watch Why This Loving Teacher Donated a Kidney to a Sick Student (VIDEO)

(Screenshot: KCNC)

Ask a teacher and they'll tell you that the job requires you to give, whether it's your time, energy or even money. Jen Sculley, a P.E. teacher at East High School in Denver is going beyond even that. She's giving up her left kidney to help a very sick student.

Sculley recently lost a beloved aunt to cancer, so when she met a student that shared her aunt's name, a connection was made. And as the student, who wishes to remain anonymous, told the teacher about her kidney disease and daily sessions of dialysis, something spoke to the educator.

"And as she was telling me, this very clear voice said, 'You're going to give her a kidney,'" Sculley tells KCNC in the video below.

For Sculley, the act of kindness not only blesses a young woman with a hopeful, healthy future, but it honors the memory of the aunt she loved so much.

"Through her I get to pass on the memory of my aunt," says Sculley. "And that's amazing."

The transplant took place last week and both teacher and student are recovering.

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