Wayne Manor, $32 Million Price Tag for Dark Knight's Mansion, Say Realtors

Wayne Manor's $32 million price tag was created by Movoto Real Estate, who propsed the cost of Bruce Wayne's elaborate home based on a number of factors. Although Gotham City isn't a real place, the mansion Batman lives in was treated as such for the project, with some interesting speculation added.

Wayne Manor would cost $32.1 million not only because of the traditional real estate reasons – location, location, location – but first, because of the sheer size of it. The 11-bedroom, 7-bath mansion is an estimated 42,500 of square feet, which rests on a gigantic 150 acres of land. That much land costs a pretty penny, especially because Bruce Wayne's pad is considered to be not far from Gotham.

Movoto.com also based their hefty price tag on Wayne Manor on the actual city of Chicago, Ill. For them, the gritty realism of the town resonated with the fictional Gotham.

"Gotham City is a massive, nasty city with daunting and powerful architecture. It's a massively corrupt city with back alleys. Chicago gives us this vibe," wrote Movoto on their website. "We made a judgment call. Gotham City is Chicago. Chicago is Gotham City." They also stated Superman- another DC comics character- living in Metropolis, or New York City, as another reason.

The real estate agency also made a judgment call on the mansion's interior, deciding to price the mansion based on a 1990s video game map. Wayne Manor includes a pool, a gym, a library, a ballroom, a game room, a gallery, a multi-level garage, a live-in butler, and a laboratory. All that doesn't come cheap, turning out to be $848 per square foot for the home.

What may be the most impressive about Wayne Manor is that the price doesn't include the legendary Batcave. Movoto assumed Bruce Wayne would be back because "in comic books, superheroes always come back."

"We … assumed that if Batman were to put his plush pad on the market, he would have sealed off his private armory to curious owners. This keeps the Batcave safe for Batman's return," wrote the site.

The appraisal of the fictional Wayne Manor coincides with the release of "The Dark Knight Rises" the final film in a string of popular Batman films by Christopher Nolan. The July 20 movie reviewed well with audiences and critics alike.