We Are God's Children First

Though I realize that the U.S.A. has a serious problem of illegal immigration, I can't help but imagine that American Natives are rolling over in laughter at the irony involved. They too were faced at one time with the problems of illegal immigration. They feared the loss of their lives, livelihoods, and lands.

Today, U.S.A. citizens may worry that "What goes around, comes around." Everyone needs to remember that this nation was started by immigrants who did not go through any legal process of immigration. Unless descendants of the European illegal immigrants are willing to accept that their forefathers were criminals, they should not be so eager today to make criminals of those crossing our borders illegally searching for a better life and better opportunities.

If the U.S.A. is a nation of Christian values and morals, we need to begin to resolve this dilemma by first agreeing that all people on Earth are the children of God. We must faithfully keep in mind and strongly believe that we are God's children first, renting on God's personal property, before we are citizens of any nation or members of any race. We must diligently recognize this fact with the uppermost reverence. Or, have we now decided to willingly, arrogantly and defiantly break the lease agreement known as the Ten Commandments?

Bob Montañez
Odessa, TX