'Wentworth' Season 5 Episode 8: Sonia Takes Ferguson On; Franky, Allie to Consider Faking Their Deaths to Escape?

Facebook/wentworthtvPromotional banner for the fifth season of the Australian prison drama series “Wentworth.”

Ferguson (Pamela Rabe) may have just found her match in Sonia (Sigrid Thornton) on the next episode of the Australian prison drama "Wentworth."

In the official trailer for the upcoming eighth episode of the fifth season, the new prison top dog Ferguson warns Sonia that the latter wouldn't want to have her as an enemy, to which Sonia replies that she does not respond well to intimidation. Such brave words, but can this really be the best cue for Sonia to unleash the Ice Queen in her?

Fans of the popular series are enthused to see someone finally standing up against Ferguson, who is also known as The Freak and is infamous for killing former series protagonist Bea (Danielle Cormack). In the episode before the previous one, she assaulted the prison's known sexual predator Juicy Lucy (Sally-Anne Upton) on the dentist's chair and cut off her tongue. The deed won her the loyalty of her fellow inmates, putting her back in a position of power once more, though most of them are obviously just scared to cross her.

But Sonia bravely meeting her intimidations head on have given fans renewed hope that The Freak will not remain so invincible for very long. But others believe that it may be too risky to be challenging The Freak's authority, seeing as how much she has managed to grow her army after the incident with Juicy Lucy. Has Sonia just bitten off more than she can chew?

Some fans feel that Ferguson's story is being unnecessarily dragged out and that it's time for what was once the series' most interestingly formidable villain to go. General disappointment met Allie's (Kate Jenkinson) failed attempt on The Freak's life, which, in turn, almost got her killed. Will Allie be brave enough to try again, or will she instead be focusing on breaking out of prison with Franky (Nicole da Silva)?

The trailer also shows a body bag being wheeled out of prison, which makes Franky realize that the only way that they can ever get out of prison is when they die. Could this realization spark an eventual plan to fake their deaths in order to escape? And who is going to end up inside that body bag?

"Wentworth" season 5 episode 8 airs on Tuesday, May 23, at 8:30 p.m. AEST on Showcase. It can also be streamed via the Foxtel Play Pop pack.