Were the Kardashians 'Bullying' Farrah Abraham?

Less than one week after Kourtney Kardashian announced her pregnancy to the world, the mother-to-be engaged in a verbal confrontation with Farrah Abraham of Teen Mom on Twitter.

Abraham, known for issues with her abusive mother and dealing with the death of her child’s father, went on Twitter to express disappointment in hearing about Kardashian’s pregnancy.

"I’m shocked Kourtney Kardashian is pregnant again,” Abraham tweeted. “Did she not learn anything from TEEN MOM? Maybe its a fake pregnancy like kims wedding. SAD."

Kardashian responded by chiding her younger reality television peer.

"Why would I have anything to do with Teen Mom?" Kardashian tweeted. "I'm 32 years old! I may look young, honey, but don't get it twisted."

Abraham responded by telling Kardashian that her fame and age did not change he fact that she made poor choices.

"Double standards in this world? Yes and guess what age and money honestly do not change a persons poor choice,” she responded. “Quit making excuses."

Kardashians boyfriend and first child’s father, Scott Disick, came to her rescue by calling Abraham a “moron” and other vulgarities. Kourtney Kardashian joined in on the exchange, defending her sister’s choice to have a second child.

“I have never met a better mother then Kourtney, and I'm so proud to be an Auntie again,” she tweeted. “Woohoo two beautiful babies to love!!"

One person weighed in on the debate on Facebook. However, the individual thought that the Kardashian family was bullying Abraham for making an opinion.

“I agree that they are in their 30's and its a different situation and they can make whatever choices they as adults want to make. However, these Kardashians bully everyone that comments on them negatively,” the person wrote. “If you are going to be in the public eye, especially a REALITY show about your family/life, then deal with criticism. Their response was a bit over the top. I think they could have handled that a LOT more maturely.”