Wesley Snipes Out of Prison, Transferred to New York Community Corrections

Wesley Snipes has been removed from prison and transferred to a smaller correctional facility to serve the remainder of his sentence. Snipes turned himself in to police in 2010 after being charged with tax evasion; he is due to be released on July 19.

Snipes was convicted of three counts of failing to file tax returns and reported to prison at the McKean Federal Correctional Institution. He was later moved to the minimum-security facility Club Fed. Now he has been moved once again, this time to the New York Community Corrections, a home-based confinement for those close to being released.

"I think any man would be nervous," Snipes told Larry King before reporting for his sentence. "Given the length of time that they are suggesting that I be away from my family, away from my profession, away from my ability to provide for my family and for those who have depended upon me to contribute to society … I think anyone would be nervous about that."

Snipes has remained relatively quiet while in prison, except for his two transfers. Apparently he has been an ideal inmate who took the advice of Ed Bales, the managing director of Federal Prison Consultants, LLC.

"He's in for a pretty easy ride as far as he'll be in a federal prison camp and it won't be too difficult a time, but if he rides his sentence, he could be in for it. I think the publicity of this case will hurt him. Some of the staff is going to want to prove that he's nobody– that he's just another prisoner and that they're the boss," Bales told ABC.

Snipes appealed the ruling in 2011 but the Supreme Court denied his appeal and Snipes was kept in the McKean Federal Correctional Institution. After the loss, Snipes apparently settled into a routine and has not been heard from. He turned 50 in August and will be released in time to celebrate his 51st birthday this year.