West Indian Day Parade 2012 Kicks Off in Brooklyn (PHOTOS)

Spectators turned out early Monday for the 2012 West Indian Day Parade in the New York City borough of Brooklyn, with many toting portable chairs and country flags as they made their way from every corner of NYC to take in the sights and sounds of the annual celebration of Caribbean culture.

(Photo: Twitter/‏@thia_inmywords)Thia shard a photo of herself attending the West Indian Day Parade in NYC on Sept. 3, 2012: "Guyana is what I'm repping!"

The Caribbean Day Parade is known for its scantily-clad and flamboyant participants who dance their way along Eastern Parkway from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. every year on Labor Day. In addition to the festivities, spectators can find numerous and varied stalls along the way with home-cooked West Indian foods.

(Photo: Twitter/‏@EllenScordato)Ellen Scordato shared a photo on Twitter of masqueraders posing for a photo during the West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn, NYC on Sept. 3, 2012.
(Photo: Twitter/@tienmao)Tien Mao tweeted an image of police officers gathered outside of a Dunkin' Donuts along the route of the West Indian Day Parade in Brooklyn, Sept. 3, 2012: "Extremely large and poorly placed contingent of NYPD for the West Indian Day Parade. Guess they gotta eat!"

In addition to spectators and participants at the parade, are members of New York City's police department and emergency workers, who monitor activity along the route. Last year's West Indian Day Parade saw some violence, as did the rest of the City over the Labor Day weekend. Last year's incidents, though, have not deterred fans of the Brooklyn celebration and organizers were determined that the annual parade would go on as usual.

(Photo: Twitter/@franciediep)Francie Diep shared a photo of the NYPD band opening for the West Indian Day Parade on Eastern Parkway in Brooklyn on Sept. 3, 2012.

Biz Bash, a top U.S. events planning publication, ranks the West Indian Day Parade third on its list of "Parades, Festivals and Holiday Events," according to the New York Daily News. The Caribbean Day Parade falls only behind Macy's Thanksgiving Day Parade and the New Year's Even in Times Square event.

(Photo: Twitter/@PennylessDivaMD)Jennifer ‏shared on Twitter an image of two women dressed in Trinidadian-themed costumes for the West Indian Day Parade in NYC on Sept. 3, 2012.