Westboro Baptist Church Plans to Protest Whitney Houston Funeral

The Westboro Baptist Church plans to protest Whitney Houston's funeral. The Topeka, Kansas church is known for protesting funerals of celebrities, soldiers, and homosexuals.

Margie Phelps, daughter of the church's pastor Fred Phelps, tweeted earlier today "Yay! 2 pickets in NJ-Whitney Houston funeral & [legislature]," thus revealing the church's plans to protest Houston's funeral as well as NJ's gay marriage bill's recent passage.

It is unclear why the church would want to picket the Houston funeral. Whitney Houston was heterosexual, and she was Christian- she grew up attending New Hope Baptist Church, and her final performance was a rendition of "Jesus Loves Me."

But that isn't quite enough for Westboro Baptist Church.

Margie Phelps's previous tweets offer some insight into the problems Westboro Baptist has with Whitney Houston. On February 11th Phelps tweeted, "No R.I.P. Whitney Houston. You don't live your life serving self &sin, stealing God's glory, & get peace."

Further emphasizing the church's disdain for Whitney Houston, Phelps tweeted about plans the church has to mock the singer.

Phelps wrote, "Stand by for Westboro parody, 'God Will Always Hate You, Whitney.'" And later that night Phelps tweeted the church's plans to picket the funeral, writing, "F--- call her 'gay icon.' Yeah, WBC is picketing that funeral."

No stranger to the spotlight, Westboro Baptist has protested many celebrity funerals. They have recently protested at Joe Paterno, Michael Jackson, and Steve Jobs' funerals.

Despite her assertive tweets, there is a chance Westboro Baptist may not picket the Houston funeral. Recently the Westboro Baptist Church has failed to show up at several protests they claimed they would hold.

Just a few days ago the church said they were no longer planning to picket the funeral of two young Washington boys who were killed by their father. Margie Phelps had originally tweeted that the church would be protesting that funeral.