What Are the Top PlayStation 4 Exclusives for 2018 Confirmed So Far?

Sony is looking to keep the crown when it comes to gaming content as the PlayStation line up for 2018 looks to be in great shape, judging what can be gleaned from the titles announced so far. A new "God of War" sequel is one of the most anticipated PlayStation exclusives this year, and that's just the top of the list.

The new "God of War" is now moved up to a nearer release date, after having been previously set for a year-end release. It's now coming as a PlayStation 4 exclusive sometime in early 2018, and fans can hardly wait as Kratos and his mysterious journey leads him to a world steeped in Norse mythology.

Santa Monica Studio/SonyKratos steps into the Norse lands as a father, as "God of War" is set to release as a PlayStation 4 exclusive this year 2018.

Kratos and Atreus, his son from an unnamed mother, is set to embark on a journey, the details of which are being kept tightly under wraps. So far, what is known about the next "God of War" is that it will take about 25 to 30 hours to go through the main story, according to The Sixth Axis.

"Detroit: Become Human" is another highly anticipated release from Quantic Dream, and the "Heavy Rain" developer is launching their new game exclusively for the PlayStation 4. From what was earlier glimpsed from their E3 presentation, their new choice-driven game is riding on a wave of hype as it makes its way to a launch date sometime in the first half of the year, according to Game Rant.

The remake of the critically acclaimed "Shadow of the Colossus" is another title that fans are eagerly waiting for this year, and as shown in an early demo in the Paris Games Week last year, it's as every bit as immersive as ever. As another PlayStation 4 exclusive, the game is set to launch sometime this year and is already available for pre-orders.