What Denomination Are You?

Unsure what Christian demonination best suits you? Take this quiz and find out!

1. You're at basketball game and your team just scored the game-winning basket, you ...

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a. Throw your hands into the air and scream and shout
b. Calmly clap for your team
c. Do nothing – You are not a fan of either team
d. I prefer football over basketball

2. You are at a restaurant and the waiter asks what you would like to drink, you order…

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a. "A soda or better yet, do you have Red Bull?"
b. Beer or wine
c. "Can I drink my Starbucks coffee in here?"
d. Dr. Pepper

3. You're driving and are feeling a little musical; you turn the dial to…

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a. Worship music with the faint sounds of an organ, people clapping, and the pastor shouting "Praise Him" in the background.
b. KT Tunstall's "Suddenly I See"
c. Christian Hip Hop
d. Anything by the Gaithers

4. You stump your toe while walking down the street. How do you react?

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a. "NDHDIUBGUGTRUCGNRTUGTIGRTIGRGBNRD I bind that uneven sidewalk in Jesus' Name"
b. "Shoot!"
c. "Dang it!"
d. "Fudge!"

5. You met most of your friends

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a. In your church choir
b. While marching for at a rally for social change
c. In your small group
d. In seminary

If you selected mostly

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As: You are a Pentecostal/Charismatic
Bs: You are an Episcopal
Cs: You are Non-denominational
Ds: You are a Southern Baptist

So what denomination are you?