What If You Were Invited to Your Own Funeral? See How These Chronic Speeders Reacted (VIDEO)

(Screenshot: Go For Zero/YouTube)

Go For Zero is an initiative in France, Belgium and the Netherlands devoted to getting drivers to slow down. Their statistics report that hundreds die of speed-related crashes each year.

In an elaborate effort to spread their message, Go For Zero made five repeat offenders the unwitting subjects of a unique drama, their own funerals. Each subject was invited to an event by a friend, but when they show up, they're guided into a room with dozens of people facing a closed casket.

They're obviously uncomfortable with dropping in on a funeral, but then they see their friend take a spot at the podium. As the friend starts talking about the mystery departed, it becomes clear who they're talking about, and the tears begin to flow.

After seeing a possible glimpse of their future, hopefully these drivers will lift the pedal off the metal.