What's It Like Before You Move to Another Country to Serve Jesus? Just Like This (VIDEO)

(Screenshot: Moving Works)

When someone considers moving to another country to be a missionary, I imagine that the questions come first. What do I need to do to move? How am I going to pack all my stuff? What about my family and friends?

This video by Moving Works can help answer those questions in a way. "Gone" is a short documentary that follows Crystal Clapp during her final days in the U.S. before moving to serve street children in the Philippines. We watch her pack, say goodbye to her church, eat a last meal with family. The tension builds and the realization sets in that she's not coming back anytime soon. Then she's gone.

But as Crystal narrates, it's all for Jesus. She's powered by Him, she's serving Him. SHARE this video to spread the word about how good He really is.