When Christians 'Raise the Flag Above the Cross We Have a Problem,' Says Author Joe Battaglia; Talks New Book 'Politically Incorrect Jesus' (CP Voice)

NEW YORK — Christian author Joe Battaglia breaks down the "intellectual dishonesty of political correctness" in his new book The Politically Incorrect Jesus and he recently stopped by CP Voice to discuss his latest book further.

The writer, who is also the founder and president of Renaissance Communications and has had a hand in promoting such films as "The Passion" and "God's Not Dead" feels Christians need to rise above the politics and polemics of the day as Jesus did. He also explained that no cause should trump the mission of Christ in a Christian's life.

"As I say in the book, whenever we raise the flag higher than the cross we have a problem," Battaglia told CP Voice. "People get confused. Any flag or any cause. [Because] Christ said when He gets lifted up, not when a political party gets lifted up, not when an idea gets lifted up, not even when His best representatives get lifted up, but when He gets lifted up He will draw all men to Himself."

Battaglia believes Jesus was and still is above political correctness and uses the book the challenge Christians to think about what Christ would say if He was posed with some of the same questions we are posed with in today's world.

"As Christ follower I wanted to find out how would He respond to today's politically correct agenda that asks us to believe in things that aren't true, to accent to things that we don't even want to believe in," he said.

Battaglia finds the politically correct agenda to be dishonest and nonsensical and therefore finding out how Christ would respond to it was essential for his book. He explained that the system itself stems from gatekeepers who have imposed this agenda on the people. He also believes that many people are afraid to challenge what have become today's politically correct norms.

(Photo: CP Voice Screengrab/Christian Post)A still of author Joe Battaglia filming an episode of CP Voice in New York on April 3, 2015.

"We were just going about our business one day and all of a sudden we're wrong?" asked Battaglia. "All our symbols are meaningless and we can't disagree with people and act civilly? We're then intolerant? All these new ways of thinking people are just dumbfounded by what's going on. So I decided well let me write something."

One of his primary goals in writing Politically Incorrect Jesus is to help fellow believers remain true to God. That can only be achieved by staying close to Jesus, according to Battaglia.

"The only way you become true is to stay close to the truth," he continued. "The further we are from the truth the further we get from the truth. And the further we act untruthful. When we lose our moral compass we lose our common sense."

Battaglia believes distance from the truth is the reason why Christians see a lot of nonsensical things happening in the world and the only way to return to sense is to hold close to Christ.

Politically Incorrect Jesus is available wherever books are sold.