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'When I Was an Atheist I Hated People, Especially People That Talked About God,' Says Former Flyleaf Singer Lacey Sturm (CP VIDEO)

'When I Was an Atheist I Hated People, Especially People That Talked About God,' Says Former Flyleaf Singer Lacey Sturm (CP VIDEO)

Lacey Sturm, an author and former lead singer of the multi-platinum selling band Flyleaf, recently spoke to CP Voice about her time as an atheist and how she felt about Christians during that period.

"When I was an atheist I hated people, especially people that talked about God," said Sturm to CP Voice. "I thought that they were naïve. It wasn't a good thing to tell people about God and make them feel like they're safe and that He's going to take care of them when bad things happen."

Sturm details this experience in her new book The Reason: How I Discovered a Life Worth Living.

She had a cousin who was beaten to death by his stepfather at a young age and this led her to think that God didn't exist.

"For me to come away from that situation and still encounter people who have faith it just made me angry and I'd try to enlighten them by saying you're the one that has to look out for you and no one else is going to do that," she said.

However, her perspective on that changed drastically when she embraced God as a Christian.

"Now that I do have faith in God and did have a miraculous encounter with God there wasn't any clear answers for that that make a lot of sense except that my encounter told me that God is big, bigger than I could ever understand, good in a way that I could never comprehend, He knows what He's doing and that's just enough to help you have faith of your own."

(Screenshot: Billy Graham Evangelical Association/YouTube)

Sturm rose to fame as lead singer of the band Flyleaf whose music was heavily influenced by the members' Christian faith. However, Sturm said in the past that it was not necessarily a Christian band.

She ended her time with Flyleaf in 2012 and was replaced by new singer Kristen May. She is now pursuing a solo career and wrote her latest book to stay connected with the millions of fans she made while touring with the band.

"When I left Flyleaf I really wanted to stay connected with the fans and so I continued to answer emails and tried to write some blogs and stay connected that way and my husband could tell that I was just super heavy about the fans and just being able to reach out to them so he suggested that I write a book," she said.

Whenever she sees fans she can only spend a few moments with them and Sturm's husband helped her realize that a book could help her to share her life with them the same way she did in her music.

Sturm's book, The Reason: How I Discovered a Life Worth Living, is available wherever books are sold. She is also working on a solo album which is expected to be out soon.


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