Where Does Senseless Violence Come From?

 With details still emerging about tragic shootings at the Washington D.C. Navy Yard, halfway across the world, news of a militia attack on a Kenyan shopping mall began to break. In Washington a lone shooter gunned down 12 innocent people starting their work day. Days later in Kenya, Somali terrorists murdered more than 60 people until government forces took control of the mall. Why? What would cause anyone or any group of people to lash out with such destructive and senseless violence?

Violence rises from a deep desire to seize control, satisfy needs, and solve problems through force, coercion, and destruction. Those who are violent presume that their deep inner needs will be fulfilled through violent actions. They erroneously believe, I have the right to use violence to do what I want or to get what I want. Using force makes me feel significant, important, and in charge.

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