White Christian Couple Fired from 'Discriminatory' Muslim College

A professor and his wife claim they have been fired by a college because their race and Christian faith.

Principal Malory Nye and his wife Isabel Campbell-Nye, 42, were both steadily employed at the Al-Maktoum College of Higher Education in Dundee, Scotland for years before being dismissed in November.

The couple claims they were dismissed without so much as an explanation, although Nye has his own theories centering around religious discrimination, according to The Telegraph.

Although the college claims to promote multiculturalism, Nye felt as though changes were needed.

In one instance, Nye changed the name of the college, formerly known as “Al-Maktoum Institute for Arabic and Islamic studies,” to a more cosmopolitan alternative.

The professor, 47, claims that he was dismissed partially as a result of the change that he implemented, but mainly because he is a white Christian, as is his wife.

"My face and lack of Muslim faith no longer fit. ... Multiculturalism and respect for cultural and religious differences are, I had thought, core values of the college," Nye said.

Nye's wife, who was employed as head of the English language, shared a similar theory.

"I believe that Mr. Abubaker’s discrimination against me, because I am not Muslim, I am not Arab, and I am also a woman – and because I have brought a number of non Muslim/non-Arab students to the college – is a significant reason for my suspension," Campbell-Nye fumed.

Abubaker Abubaker, the college's director of operations, has been accused of firing the Campbell-Nye for a mixture of reasons.

According to the college website, "[the college] promotes a greater understanding of different religions and cultures in a multicultural context, for the benefit of the wider community.”

It also states that its goal is to, "Build bridges between the Muslim and Western worlds at this crucial time."

The couple argue that they are the victims of religious and race discrimination, and have escalated the matter before an employment tribunal.

The college has denied any wrongdoing.