White Lion Triplets Born in Poland: Rare Cubs Are A Lucky Experience, Says Zoo Owner (VIDEO)

White lion triplets were born in Poland in a rare instance. While triplets are already rare, the fact that all three cubs were born without defect makes them exceptional.

The white lion triplets were born in Borysew, Poland to Andrej Pabich, a private zoo owner. Their mother, 2-and-a-half-year-old white lioness Azira, had them Jan. 28 and has been caring for them ever since. Their father is 3-and-half-year-old white lion Sahim, who lives in a neighboring cage.


White lions, which are a color mutation of the Kruger African lion, are usually born with defects that prevent them from giving birth. All three of the triplets are healthy and have not been rejected by their mother, however, which is something Pabich is happy to report.

"Luckily the birth went all smoothly," Pabich told told the Associated Press. "We had doubts whether it would be all OK: [will she] reject them, will she have milk? But all went luckily well in the end. The mother accepted (the cubs), is feeding them and is very caring."

Sahim is also reportedly very protective— the father lion roars at any passerby who get too close to the cubs.

The cubs haven't yet been named because they have not been named or identified as male or female. Once they are, they will be allowed to run around outside the cage by April, Pabich estimated.

Despite their only being around 90 white lions in existence, they aren't classified as an endangered species.

Pabich also hosts white camels at his zoo, which has been open since 2008 and brought 160,000 visitors last year.