White Supremacist Who Tried to Create All-White North Dakota Town Shocked by DNA Test Proving He Is Part Black

(Photo: YouTube/ CNN News Express Updates)Craig Cobb, 62.

A self-proclaimed white supremacist who tried creating an all-white town in North Dakota was shocked then roundly ridiculed after a DNA test he took to prove his genetic purity revealed he was 14 percent Sub-Saharan African.

According to rt.com, Craig Cobb, 62, who holds dual citizenship in the U.S. and Canada, claimed in October that the city of Leith, N.D., prevented him from achieving his dream of making the town all-white by blocking his efforts to buy up land in the town.

In a recent appearance on Trisha Goddard's "Race in America" series on NBC Universal, however, the zealous white supremacist discovered from a DNA test he submitted to that his gene pool was only 86 percent European, while the remaining 14 percent was of black ancestry.

A YouTube clip of him on the show shows him dismissing the results as "statistical noise" while a black female guest cackled away as the audience laughed at the unexpected turn of the DNA results.

Cobb insisted that "oil and water don't mix," but Goddard reacted by attempting to fist bump her guest and quipped "you have a little black in you." Cobb twice declined to return the gesture.

"I agreed to the test because I assumed it was science," Cobb told MailOnline. He called the test a scientifically bankrupt procedure which is the product of "craven and debased executives," whose "goal is to shock."

When asked how he would feel if a test he respected showed the same results he said, "Well if I did have any n****r we don't want any more of it."

He also maintained that he wasn't a racist but a Creator, a religion that favors "racial awareness." He said he would consider himself a "border guard for the pure breds."

According to rt.com, Cobb was arrested in Canada for running a racist website out of Vancouver and on suspicion for willfully promoting hatred in the country in 2010. On his release from custody, he fled the country before he was offically charged with a crime.

No effort has been made to extradite him to Canada, because the U.S. has not charged him with a crime.

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