Whitney Heichel Missing: Disappeared During Two-Minute Drive to Work

Whitney Heichel had a morning commute many would be envious of; it takes her approximately two minutes to get from her home to the Starbucks where she worked. However, her short journey has been shrouded in mystery as she went missing on her way to work on Tuesday.

Her SUV was found with smashed windows at a nearby Wal-Mart parking lot nearly six hours after she was reported missing. Heichel was due to start her 7:00 a.m. shift at Starbucks but never made it. Authorities were called and have begun investigating into what could have happened to the 21-year-old barista.

According to one report, a gas station attendant claimed he had seen Heichel's SUV being driven by a man, with Heichel in the passenger seat. So far that is the only lead police have to go on, but they are busy scouring the area for further clues that may provide information as to Heichel's location.

"She got dressed this morning, normal everything. Kissed me goodbye, said goodbye," her husband, Clint told KPTV. "That was 6:45 this morning."

Hours later her SUV was found in a much different condition, according to Clint. "The passenger side window was busted out, the backseats were down. There was mud on her tires; it wasn't that way the night before. It just is weird that we found her truck completely off the path that she would take to go to work," he added.

So far authorities are remaining silent about possible suspects, or whether Clint himself could be on the suspect list. He, along with family and friends, have been busy covering the area with fliers and spreading the word of Whitney's disappearance.

"I hope she's okay," Clint added. "Anyone who has a loved one or is married knows if your spouse goes missing and there's no word… I don't know what to say, I don't know what to think, I don't know what to do."

Police have asked that anyone with information call the Gresham tip line at 503-618-2719.