Whitney Houston's Faith and Voice Remembered on Her Birthday

Whitney Houston was a beloved musical icon to many who would have celebrated her 49th birthday on Thursday. Although the singer faced her untimely death on Feb 11, due to a highly publicized battle with drug addiction, Houston was also known for her Christian faith.

In Houston's 2002 interview with on ABC New's "Primetime" with Diane Sawyer, she admitted to battling with drug addiction. While many speculated about her personal issues, the singer also admitted that she prayed every day, and spoke about her love for Jesus Christ.

"I pray every day," she said. "I'm not the strongest every day but I'm not the weakest either," she said.

While Houston detailed some of her personal issues, she also asked for prayer.

"Pray for me as a person," she implored in the 2002 interview. "Pray for my soul, that I'm stronger. I know I'm a child of God and I know He loves me."

However, this was not the only interview where the singer spoke about her relationship with God. After her death, New York Daily News reporter David Hinckley discussed visiting The Perfecting Church with Houston in Detroit a few years ago.

Houston once told the journalist about being able to go to the Pentecostal church although she was not perfect.

"The Perfecting Church," she said. "It says we don't come to God perfect. We come as we are and He helps us from there."

Houston also continued to speak about her faith months before her death. In an interview with "Access Hollywood" on the set of her upcoming movie, "Sparkle," Houston spoke about the strength of her mother and importance of people who have been praying for her throughout the years and have helped her move forward with her career.

"It's a blessing to have a mother that is very strong and family that surrounds me that constantly tell me they love me. But it's your belief, your faith and your determination," Houston said in the interview. "I've got some good saints out there that pray for me constantly. You've got to have that. It's not easy."

On what would have been her 49th birthday, many of Houston's friends and family took to Twitter to remember the late singer including megachurch pastor T.D. Jakes, and her singing protegees, Brandy Norwood and Monica Brown..

"Whitney worked so hard on Sparkle. It opens Aug 17. Wish she was here. Today, we remember her on her birthday. RIP," Jakes wrote.

"HAPPY BIRTHDAY, to my mentor, friend, timeless beauty & most amazing vocalist of ALL time," Brown tweeted. "U are missed & forever loved.. #Nippy W.H"

"Happy Birthday to the GREATEST VOICE OF ALL TIME," Norwood exclaimed on the social networking website. "Whitney Houston, you are dream!! You are the inspiration!! You are MY ANGEL!"