Whitney Houston's Family Concerned With Bobbi Kristina's Welfare, Engagement

Whitney's Houston's daughter Bobbi Kristina is raising concerns for her family after her mother's passing in a new clip of their reality television show where she confesses to being engaged and exhibits behavior that has her family worried about her safety.

The preview of the Lifetime networks reality television series called, "The Houstons: On Our Own," seems to center around Houston's 19-year-old daughter, her romantic relationship with 22-year-old adopted brother Nick Gordon and how she may be coping with the loss of her mother in an unhealthy way.

In one sneak peak of the show obtained by E! Networks, a giggling Bobbi Kristina let's her family know that her relationship with Gordon is becoming serious at a family dinner.

"We're engaged," the 19-year-old upcoming actress tells her mother's brother Gary and his wife Pat Houston.

However, the family did not hide their disapproval for the young woman's decision.

"Engagement? This is not acceptable," Pat Houston tells the cameras.

While the late singer adopted 22-year-old Gordon when he was 12, her brother admitted, "I really don't like Nick's attitude."

After sitting down with Gordon, Gary Houston tells him about the family being surprised at his relationship with Bobbi Kristina.

"No one knew that from a godson you would turn into a boyfriend," Gary tells Gordon in one preview to the show. "No one knew that."

Gordon decided to snap back at the Houston patriarch by telling him, "Everybody else doesn't need to be in my business."

However, another side of Gordon may be given to viewers when he seems to make an attempt to collect another woman's telephone number.

"You've got to give me your number before you get out of here though," Gordon tells the young woman.

Shortly after, the cameras cut to Bobbi Kristina who is crying about loving her boyfriend and wondering what she should do.

"I don't know what else to do to make him happy," Bobbi Kristina says between tears.

However, another clip previewing the television show highlights some other issues that the 19-year-old budding actress may be having. In one scene, she is shown draining a wine glass, while another scene shows her vomiting violently.

Pat seems to be concerned and reduced to tears as a result.

"The only way that I can get Krissy on track is to take her to California," she says in the clip.

While Gary questions if that will put a wedge between her and their own 14-year-old daughter, another male family friend tells him, "You don't want to lose her."

Despite all of the drama that seems to be evident in the Houston family, Whitney Houston's mother Cissy seems to think that other families can relate.

"We laugh and we cry," Cissy admits. "There's a lot of turmoil in everybody's family."