Casey Anthony Jail Release: What Time Will it Take Place?

Casey Anthony could be released as early as 12:01 a.m. July 17. Although it is unlikely that officials will release her right away, what is likely is the fact that protesters will be gathering around her jail on Sunday, just the way they huddled around the Orange County Courthouse on the day Casey was declared innocent.

Although Sheriff Jerry Demings shared that there will be no elaborate security protection for Casey upon being released from jail, on Friday quoted jail officials saying, "Changes are already being made at the jail, and barricades are set up for protesters."

According to the news outlet, the jail is not giving her any special treatment within the facility but hinted that it may plan to treat her release as an exception by orchestrating a secret exit to avoid any public frenzy or confrontation.

The Daily Beast quoted Mark Nejame, an Orlando attorney who offered commentaries on TV regarding the Casey Anthony trial, as saying, "It’s obvious she is the most despised person In America." He has also said: "Her personal well-being is at stake” and "I firmly believe she is in physical danger."

Casey may be just hours away from tasting freedom after roughly three years in prison, but what is awaiting her outside the jail facility could prove to be paradoxically more difficult than being behind bars.

Not only is she the most despised person in Florida, according to Nejame, but various news outlets say Casey hasn't graduated from high school nor does she possess known job skills that could come to her aid if anyone is generous enough to offer her a job.

So far, various protesters have huddled up just outside the jail where Casey is currently held. One protestor, Bree Thornton, shared to that she's planning to remain camped out for at least 24 hours in memory of 2-year-old Caylee, although she doesn't care about Casey.

Most people expect Casey to inevitably change her name, her hair and her looks upon being released, in addition to living in a remote place before attempting to re-introduce herself to society.