Why Did The 85-Pound Argentine Mastiff Dog Attack A News Anchor? (VIDEO)

TV news anchor Kyle Dyer has spoken out following a horrifying dog attack, and critics continue to question what prompted the 85-pound Argentine Mastiff dog to bite her face.

On Thursday, The Christian Post reported that the KUSA-TV veteran news anchor underwent facial reconstructive surgery after Max the dog attacked her during an early morning segment.

Dyer was released on Thursday following her surgery, and although she is unable to speak, she is using her iPad to communicate and has expressed concern for the viewers who witnessed her televised attack, according to Daily Mail.

While 9News officials have confirmed that Dyer will make a full recovery, a large number of viewers have taken to the Denver, Colorado station's Facebook fan page to weigh in on what caused the Dog to pounce.

"I work with dogs and have learned when a dog is overly excited or in a stressful situation it is NEVER a [good] idea to put myself in a position where the dog can bite me. This was clearly NOT an attack by the dog, but merely a reaction to his already heightened stress level," Ann Robertson Prince wrote.

"Never keep looking into a animals eye's the way Kyle did. It puts them in defense mode and challenges them. You never get into a strange dogs face or stare into they eyes like she did," Skip Thomas wrote.

While an overwhelming number of viewers blamed Dyer, a known dog lover, for placing her face "too closely" to the dog's, others insist that she was not at fault, blame Max's owner as responsible for the incident.

"I am not seeing enough emphasis on the fact that these things happen as a result of irresponsible owners. Part of loving your pet and his happiness is TRAINING. An out of control dog is always stressed out, and will always be unpredictable NO MATTER WHAT BREED," Mary Brower wrote.

"When you're an animal lover, putting yourself down to a dogs level, is the norm. Im sure there are plenty of us who would have done the same. Accidents happen, thats why they're called 'accidents,'" Laura Simpkinson wrote.

Max has been caged by animal control officers and his owner ,Michael Robinson, released a statement shortly after he was fined for the attack.

"Max is current in his vaccinations. Max has no history of aggression. Max is a gentle, loving, family dog. Max is well mannered and obedient and he hardly barks. This incident truly is unfortunate and does not reflect Max's disposition towards people," Michael and his family said in a statement.

To see the grisly attack, click below.