Wi-Fi Coffee Machine Introduced by Qualcomm

Qualcomm introduced the world to the first ever Wi-Fi controlled coffee machine at this year's Mobile World Congress.

This machine functions as a standard coffee maker and has been hooked up to one of Qualcomm's Atheros 4100 chips. Qualcomm uses something called Vuforia augmented reality tech to bring this idea of Wi-Fi coffee to life.

In order to activate the machine, the user must wave their tablet in front of the coffee maker until it is recognized by the sensor. Once the machine picks it up, the tablet will jump to a control screen, and from there, the user can pick the strength, size, and brewing time for their coffee.

The machine than brews the coffee to the user's selection and once it is finished, the maker will be notified on their tablet about their hot pot of java that is waiting for them. Qualcomm used both an Android and Windows 8 tablet while demonstrating the machine at Mobile World Congress.

Unfortunately for coffee and technology lovers, this brewer is only a concept, and there are no official plans to manufacturer it at this time. Qualcomm used it to display the capabilities of its processors and what kind of tasks they could perform using Wi-Fi.

The system used on the machine is built on the open-source Alljoyn platform which Qualcomm will ship on a variety of its chips later this year. Qualcomm also displayed other concept devices during MWC including an alarm clock.

Even though the brewer is just a concept, tablets and smartphones being able to control various appliances is something that will grow in the future as the technology becomes cheaper to use and manufacture. There are already toilet bowls that are controlled by apps.