Wife Douses Husband With Beer at Cubs vs NY Mets MLB Game (VIDEO)

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(Photo: YouTube Screen Shot)A wife has doused her husband with beer in an incident at an MLB game between the Cubs and NY Mets.

A wife has doused her husband with beer at Wrigley Field during an MLB game, and a video showing the incident has gone viral on the Internet.

The hilarious incident took place during the Cubs game against the New York Mets recently, and was caught on camera and broadcast live to viewers at home.

Travis Wood's hit went screaming their way during the fifth inning of the game, sparking the man to jump up and try to protect him wife from the ball. However, as he shielded her he spilt his beer on her, which enraged her.

The wife grabbed her beer and threw it in his face to teach him a lesson.

She said after the game, "I just got livid … And took my beer and splooshed it in his face. I figured if I'm wet, he might as well be wet too."

The man, however, has insisted that he was simply trying "to protect" his "lovely wife" from the ball, and did not intentionally spill his drink on her.

But that did not stop his wife from getting him back.

The funny incident was seen by thousands on TV and the couple have admitted that soon after it was broadcast they started receiving messages from friends and loved ones about their very public falling out.

After she realized that her actions had been caught on camera in front of the nation, the woman seemed to be a little embarrassed and afterwards did admit that her reaction was simply one of frustration.

Here is a video of the incident: