Wife Supports Sandusky: ‘I Continue to Believe in Jerry’s Innocence’ (VIDEO)

Dorothy “Dottie” Sandusky broke her silence Thursday issuing a public statement supporting her husband Jerry Sandusky against claims of child sexual abuse.


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The statement came on the same day that Jerry Sandusky was released from jail on $250,000 bail.

In her statement, Dorothy Sandusky expressed her shock and dismay at the charges against her husband, former Penn State University assistant coach.

Sandusky was arrested on Wednesday on 12 new charges of child sex abuse following the emergence of two new victims claiming to be abused by Jerry Sandusky.

Both victims, the ninth and 10th alleged victims, said that they met Sandusky through his Second Mile charity for troubled youth. One of the accusers told the grand jury he was repeatedly assaulted in the Sandusky’s basement bedroom.

 Wife of Jerry Sandusky Breaks Her Silence

A grand jury statement released Wednesday said that, at least on one occasion, one of the victims screamed for help hoping that Jerry Sandusky’s wife would hear him “but no one ever came to help him.”

The victim also told the grand jury that Jerry Sandusky tried anal sex on him on at least 16 separate instances.

“I have been shocked and dismayed by the allegations made against Jerry, particularly the most recent one that a now young man said he was kept in our basement during visits and screamed for help as Jerry assaulted him while I was in our home and didn’t respond to cries for help,” she said in her statement.

“No child who ever visited our home was ever forced to stay in our basement and fed there,” she added.

Dorothy Sandusky expressed that she continued to “believe in Jerry’s innocence” and asked the public to be patient until her husband has the opportunity to “prove his innocence.”

Jerry Sandusky is currently on house arrest and awaits a preliminary hearing on Dec. 13.