Wii U and 3DS Nintendo eShop Offers Classic Sega and SNES Titles for Under $10

This week Nintendo rolled out a number of classic games to be downloaded on the Wii U and 3DS's eShop's.

For the 3DS, classic Sega titles Sonic the Hedgehog and Altered Beast will be available for $5.99 and put into 3D. Both of these games were originally for the Sega Geneses and are over 20 years old.

For $9.99, 3DS gamers can get Brilliant Hamsters! The 3DS Virtual Console also has Donkey Kong 3 for just $4.99.

The Wii U Virtual Console has The Legend of Mystical Ninja for $7.99, which only cost $1 as an upgrade if already purchased on the Wii. This game was originally for the Super Nintendo.

Additionally, Nintendo is running a promotion until December 12 where select Donkey Kong games are 30%. These titles include: Donkey Kong, Donkey Kong Jr., and Donkey Kong 3.

Nintendo's new releases for its consoles are a bright spot for the company as sales have been a bit lackluster. Wii U's recent struggles have largely been due to the lack of solid games available for the platform, and now as the better games are coming out, they acknowledge that the delays hurt them.

"When we launched the Wii U, we were pointing to Pikmin, we were pointing to Wii Fit U, and we were pointing to Zelda and Mario-- so all of these great games that are coming out now, we wanted them to come out by the end of March last year," Fils-Aime said to Siliconera. "That's been the biggest challenge we've had. We knew we had a great line-up. We wanted it to launch much earlier to drive the system."

With the steady release of first party games, the Wii U's sales are improving, making this the perfect time for Nintendo to strike and really grab hold of the video game market.

"We have to make sure that the pipeline for new games has that steady pace. We've had it arguably since July, in terms of that regular pace of games--and guess what? The Wii U has responded, and we just have to make sure that that pace is consistent," Fils-Aime continued.